True Blue Patrons supper club

Johnny Mercer and YC table, Nov 2023 dinner in Tavistock

Johnny Mercer and YC table, Nov 2023 dinner in Tavistock


True Blue Patrons supper club

Founded by our DCM&F, Debbie Flint in 2023, the True Blue Patrons supper club events are designed to encourage Young Conservatives to attend, knowing they will be welcome, will be seated with other under 26s if desired, and will be able to buy their ticket at a discount. Participation is by signing up for the newsletter on

The subsidy is possible because if an event is a “True Blue Patrons supper club” event, there is a special rate for U26s, the lowest being for students. The subsidy is funded from other guests’ donations, via a special option on the ticketing link for each event. The donor knows it is going towards subsidising a youngster to come along to an event at which they might otherwise have felt out of place. Plus the regular guests have the added bonus of the extra energy brought to the event by having so many younger faces.

In 2023, our Lee Anderson event in London had 40% under 26s, the Lord David Frost event had 25%, as did the first event with Sir John Redwood.


True Blue events


London events contribute a little profit towards Young Conservatives’ events in Devon, under the umbrella of Torridge and Tavistock Association (for which Debbie Flint became deputy chair fundraising and membership in 2020.)

Events are Conservative members and their guests only, and opportunities will almost always be given to the youngsters to ask questions and talk to the main speaker.


Michael Gove at Torridge and Tavistock event

Young Conservatives pose questions to Rt Hon Michael Gove, Torridge and Tavistock event


To go on the newsletter database, please email and we will keep you informed of any Devon-based events, as they occur from 2024 onwards.

Next event in London is on the 2nd of April, 2024, “behind-the-scenes at the home office.”

Debbie Flint

Devon Area DCM&F

Representing all 12 constituencies in the county of Devon.

Call me or WhatsApp if it’s easier 07949052208


Also : Torridge and Tavistock Assoc, Devon (Sir Geoffrey Cox):

- DCM&F there, since Feb 2020

- CWO acting chair


Also : Founder of TrueBluePatrons Supper Club 

(subsidising YCs to attend prestigious events mostly in London.)